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Featured Fund 4Q 2013:
Buffalo International Fund

An international fund, such as our Buffalo International Fund (ticker: BUFIX), can be an integral part of a comprehensive investment strategy and is a key and growing category for many institutional asset allocations and savvy investors as they seek to expand their investment universe. If your portfolio is relying solely on the U.S. economy for growth, you may be missing an important diversification opportunity. Just as U.S. multinational companies look toward foreign countries as a way to increase their geographic penetration and growth potential, the BUFIX team uses the international sphere to search for long-term investment growth opportunities wherever they occur around the globe. Limiting oneself to U.S. domestic stocks overlooks potentially attractive growth investment opportunities abroad. More >

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New and noteworthy

  • Charles Schwab's Mutual Fund OneSource Select List® Includes Buffalo International Fund
  • Buffalo Emerging Opportunities Fund Implementing Soft-Close. Click here to read the press release.
  • Effective June 3, 2013, the Buffalo Micro Cap Fund was renamed the Buffalo Emerging Opportunities Fund. Click here to read the press release.
  • Buffalo Funds Announces Portfolio Manager Changes Effective May 31st, 2013. Click here to read the press release.
  • Buffalo Flexible Income Fund wins prestigious Lipper Award* for second year in a row. Click here to read the press release.
  • Click here to download the 2013 Tax Guide. .

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